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Volume 21 Issue 1 March 2014

Comparison of Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emission Amplitude between Normal Hearing Male and Female Subjects

Original - Shawkt Al-Tamimi MD*, Mefleh Alsarhan MD*, Hussein Alqasem PhD*, Mohammed Rawashdeh MD*, Moutasim Al-Rousan MD*, Sohib Almomani MD*, Nabeel Shawagfeh MD*

Feeding Practices in the North of Jordan

Original - Monther Obeidat MD*, Ghassan Salameh MD**, Asmahan Tayem SN^, Riad Mutair MD*, Yazan Gawasmeh MD^^

Why Jordanians Seek Orthodontic Treatment? Demand and Real Need

Original - Bashar R. El-Momani BDS*, Ahmad M. Tarawneh BDS*

Incidental Findings Discovered during Coronary CTA at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Abdelhameed Al Odwan MD*, Tareq Bisheh MD*, Abdallah Al Omari MD*

Non-Urgent Visits among Patients Seen at the Emergency Department of King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Abdallah Al-Mherat MD*, Ahmed Essalim MD*, Barackat Sahwehne BCS**

Erythema Toxicum Neonatorum: A Retrospective Review

Original - Hussein M. Odeibat MD*, Mohammad Al-Tawara MD*, Ra’ed Al-Smadi MD*, Nidal A. Obaidat MD*

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