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Volume 24 Issue 3 December 2017

Acceptance , Reliability and Validity of the Arabic Version of Lysholm Knee Score

Original - Almuthanna Alyamanı MD* , Ayman Mustapha MD**, Mohammad Aljazzazi MD**, Muhannad Odat MD**, Malek Ghnaimat MD**.

Intraperitoneal lignocaine application effect on analgesic outcome post- laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Original - Tareq Alsaoudi, MD *, Jawad Khassawneh, MD*, Omar Abu-zeitoun, MD*,Majed Al-qaisi MD*, Tareq Al-zoubi, MD*.

The number of roots and canals in the maxillary first premolars in a group of Jordanian population

Original - Muna M F Al-Ghananeem BDS*, Moeen Al-Weshah BDS *, Basma K ALSakarna BDS* ,Talal Naser Alrawashdeh BDS*, Khuzama Khaled Abu Rumman BDS*.

Ischemic Optic Neuropathy Post Silicon Oil Removal

Original - Mosa Al-Madani MD *, Feda Smadi MD *, Naser Al-Fgarra *, Mohammad Al-Shami *MD, Ahmed Jaafar MD*

Leptin as a predictor of cardiovascular disease : A cross- sectional study in a sample of Jordanian patients

Original - Suzan Eteiwi MD*, Rania A Al-Asaad MD*, , Abdallah A AlEyadeh MD*, Khaldon K Al-Sarihin MD*,Ali A. Alzu'bi MD*, Ahmad A. Obeidat MD**, Ala'a Al-Refai**, Ahmad A Al-Omari MD*, Fares H Haddad MD*.

Congenital Spinal Dermal Sinuses Long-Term Analysis at King Hussein Medical Center .

Original - Nidal Khasawneh MD*, Rami Al Qroom MD*, Luma Fayyad MD*, Sura AlRawabdeh MD*, Hayat Al-khasawneh MD*.

Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis in children: Queen Rania Children’s Hospital experience.

Original - Raed Alzyoud MD *, Motasem Alsuweiti MD*, Hiba Maita MD*, Hadeel Qreni MD**, Zeyad Khalilah MD***, Adel Alwahadneh MD*, Mohammad Shankar MD*, Zeyad Habahbeh MD*

The Effect of Bilateral Block of Greater Occipital Nerve on Chronic Migraine

Original - Mohammed Shawagfeh, MD*, Ghaith Bani Melhem, RN*, Jwad Khsawneh, MD*, Majdi Awida, MD**, Thani Alamaerah, MD *, Nidal Al-Soud MD***

Ocular, Systemic Manifestations and Efficacy of Treatment of Behcet’s Disease Patients at King Hussein Medical Center.

Brief - Basel T. Baarah, MD*, Ahmed E. Khatatbeh, MD*, Shihab A. Al Abed, MD*, Osama Y. Khataybeh, MD**, Shadi O. Al Daoud, MD**

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