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Hypertensive –Phase After Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Implantation, Prevalence, Duration and Treatment, Our Experience In Royal Medical Services.

Original - Mohannad Albdour MD*, Ghadeer Al-Humimat MD*, Mohammad Sameh Alshami MD*, Hesham Qaftan Al Rawashdeh MD*, Ahmad Abdul Kareem Al Husban MD*.

Short-Term Complications and Mortality of late Preterm Infants

Original - Raeda Al-ghananim,MD*, Moh’d Salameh,MD**, Nisreen Alhmaiedeen, MD*, Ziad Khalifeh,MD*, Mohammad Al-hassan, MD***.

Performance Differences Among Variations Of Systolic, Diastolic, And Mean Arterial Pressures In Prognosticating Mortality In Critically Ill Patients Who Are Taking Norepineprine

Original - Hussien Muhammad Shebli; MD*, “Moh’d Nour” Mahmoud Bani Younes; Ph**, Mohammad Younes Lafi; MD*, Muhannad Mohammad Asi; MD***, Mohammed Ali Obeidat; MD***, Qasim “Moh’d Ali” Khamaiseh; MD+

Identifying Atypical Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Using CD200 by Eight-Color Flow Cytometry

Original - Raida Oudat MD*, Hala Alsoukhni MD*, Arzat Odeh MT*, Malak Al-Awamleh MT*, Lubna Ja’afreh MT*

Epidemiology of Patellofemoral joint pathologies, our experience at King Hussein Medical center

Original - Jameel S.Shawaqfeh MD*, Maysoon AR.Banihani MD, Muhammad H.Smadi MD, Hajem Abudalo MD, Saleh M.Shurafat MD

Combined positron emission tomography / computed tomography using uptake of Fluorine 18 fluorodeoxyglucose by Lymph Nodes as prognostic factor in Colorectal Cancer

Original - Louai Al-Qatawna MD, Amany Al-Jaafreh MD, Khaled Al-Khawaldeh MD, Eslam Jabali MD, Omar Alshokibi MD, Khaled Abu Rumman MD

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