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Outcome of spontaneous pneumothorax patients admitted to thoracic division at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Hani Al Hadidi MD *, Jamal Al Aydi MD*, Ahmad Hammoud MD *, Mazen Al Omari MD*, Alaa Qayte MD*.

Developing Distortion product otoacoustic emissions Normative Data for the otometric Madsen Capella 2

Original - Khalid Hamasha MD*, Basim El Kosheh MD*, Sohaib almomani MD*, Hamza Khair MD*,Eyad abu nahleh MD*, Hussain Alqassem PHD**, Dalal Eifishat RN***.

Clinical and laboratory parameters associated with anemia in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients.

Original - Quteiba Nuseir MD*, Faraj Al-Hzymeh* MD, Ra’ed Jaradat **MD, Mohammad Al Bakhit** MD, Mohammad Obeidat***MD.

Frequency of vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency in a Jordanian cohort -a hospital based study

Original - Rame Khasawneh MD*, Mansour Hiari MD*, Mufeed Khalaileh MD*, Hayat Khasawneh MD*, Bayan Alzghoul MD*, Asim Almomani MD*

Spontaneous Pregnancy Rate after Hysteroscopic Removal of Endometrial Polyps in Infertility patients; Experience at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Fatima AL-Quran MD*, Nancy Al-Fayez MD*, Sultan Qudah MD*, Ziad Shraideh MD*, Reema O’Moush MD*

Maxillofacial fractures: Epidemiological pattern and treatment modalities; Experience at King Hussein Medical Center.

Original - Hytham Al-Rabadi BDS*, Ahmad S Aladwan BDS*, Hind Nsour BDS*, Amjad Al- Warawreh BDS*, Waddah S. El-Naji BDS*.

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