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Volume 24 Issue 1 March 2017

Cervical length as a predictor risk of preterm delivery

Original - Sultan Qudah, MD*, Tareq Athamneh, MD*Alaa Tawlbeh, MD****, Luai Daklallah, MD**, Mustafa Al-hajji, MD****

Liver Transection Technique in Living Donor Liver Transplantation, A Comparative Study at King Hussien Medical Center- Jordan

Original - Sameer smadi, MD*, Tariq Al Munaizel, MD*, Abdulhamid Al-abbadi, MD* , Raed Al-jarrah, MD*, Sahem Al-qussous, MD*

Comparison of the impedance measurements and neural response threshold with and without stylet in the nucleus contour cochlear implant

Original - Mohd Al-Hiari ,MD*, Mefleh Al-sarhan,MD*, Eyad Abu Nahleh,MD*, Amjad Al-Ississ,MD*, Haifa Obaidat, MD*, Hussein Alqassem, MD*

Interrupted Braided Sutures versus Running Monofilament Sutures in the Prevention of Abdominal Wound Dehiscence: A Prospective Nonrandomized Case-Control Trial

Original - Ashraf F. Al-Faouri, MD*, Alaa A. Alzu’bi, MD*, Khaled Y. Ajarma, MD*,Abdulhamid M. Abbadi, MD*, Sahel W. Haddadin, MD*

Prevalence and severity of ectopic maxillary canine impaction in Southern Jordanian population: A radiographic sector analysis

Original - Anwar Rahamneh, MD*, Moen Al-Weshah, MD**, Mo’ath Ghozlan, MD ***, Hasan Smadi, MD***, Reyad Abu-Odeh, MD****

Risk factors for Ventriculoperitoneal shunting in children with posterior fossa tumor

Original - Raed M Aljubour, MD *, Ahmed K Alomari, MD*, Awni F Musharbash, MD**

Ultrasound- guided Embryo Transfer: Does it Increase the Pregnancy Rate?

Original - Tariq Irtaimeh, MD *, Rami Shwayat, MD *, Sanaa Ahmad Audit, MD *, Muna Ghadi,MD *

Surgery for lumbar disc herniation, Demographic data and Analysis of Complications at King Hussein Medical City

Original - Amer Al Shurbaji, MD*, Anas Said, MD*, Rami Al Qroom, MD*, Zuhair Abu Salma, MD*.

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