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Volume 28 Issue 2 August 2021

Results after Patellar Resurfacing and Non-resurfacing in Total knee Replacement: Jordanian Data.

Original - Raed Al-Zaben M.D*, Omar S. Bani Ahmad MD*, Mahdi Salih Jaradat MD*, Hamed Abdallah Alsarhan MD*, Mohammad Hussein Al-Oun MD*.

Success rates of two techniques of orthodontic microimplants placement. A prospective study

Original - Raed Helal Alrbata, Ramada Nabih Haddad, Mutaz Hamed Al-shakhatreh, Jumana Mansour Tbeishat,Ahmad Maddallah Al-Tarawneh

Clinicopathological features and five-year survival of invasive non-metastatic breast cancer patients surgically treated in a single breast unit in Jordan in 2013

Original - Majdi A. Al Soudi, MD, JBS*, Anas Abu Rumman, MD, JBS*, Hamzeh Qasaymeh, MD, JBS*, Lina Nahar, MD, Path. **, Omar Abu Aish, MD, JBS*

A Comparison of the most common complications after different general surgical procedures for diabetic and non-diabetic patients in Jordanian military sector hospitals

Original - Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Khawaldeh MD*,JBS, Malek Al-omari MD,JBS,Thani Al-abbadi MD*,JBA**, Hind Qatamin MD,JBH***

Dental Patients' Attitudes towards COVID-19 Infection-Control Procedures in King Hussein Medical Centre

Original - Mais A Sharaiha DDS*,Maram E Batarseh BDS*,Amer Joudeh BDS*,Areej B Alshdefat BDS*,Feras A AlQatarneh DDS*

Post-Operative Outcome of Surgical Decompression for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Brief - Ayman Mustafa, MD. *Ahmad Almigdad*, MD.Ghandi Almanasir, MD*. Motaz Al-Qasaimeh,MD*. Noor Megdadi, MD**

Pregnancy with Polyostotic Fibrous Dyspl

Case - Nansi Alfayez MD*, Nancy Ghishan MD*, Gharam Abu-Assaf MD*, Ehab Al-rayyan MD*, Maher Maaita FRCOG*

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