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Volume 28 Issue 3 December 2021

Why do anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Fail; Failure rate and Causes.

Original - Malek Mustafa Ghnaimat MD, Almuthana Musleh Alymani MD, Mohannad Ahmad Alodat MD, Mohammad Ahmad Abushahot MD, Mohammad Ali Alsukour MD.

Adjunctive micropulse laser trabeculoplasty: analysis of treatment efficacy based on disease stage

Original - Ted Deng BA*, Munsif AlSalem MD**, Sahar Noorani BA*, Alex Yang BS*, Beverley Adams-Huet MS+, Xilong Li PhD+, Karanjit S Kooner MD* ^

Pathologic findings of pancreatoduodenectomy resection specimens: A six-year review of 78 cases at King Hussein Medical Centre

Original - Tariq Al-Munaizel MD1*, Rawan Albahnasi MD**, Abdulhamid Al-abbadi MD*, Tawfiq Alnawafleh MD*, Hind Al-Qatamen MD**

Type Two Diabetes Mellitus and the risk of uric acid stone formation

Original - Ayman Ahmad AL-Qaralleh MD*, Mohammad Ahmad Abdeldayem MD*, Belal Abdullah Alkawaldeh MD*, Monther Ata Alomoosh MD*, Mu’taz Alatoum MD*, Anees Hjazeen RN**.

A Comparative study of preemptive agents alleviating postoperative spinal surgery pain

Original - Alqroom Rami*, Hiyari Rawan**, Shweiyat Shadi***, Haddad Sa’ed**, Alrashdan Hisham+, Abu kaff Mohammed*, Alkhawaldeh Hamzeh*,Hammadeen Shadi++, Alhasan Ahmad++, Khresat Wesam++,Alnajada Wajdi+++

Factors Predictive of papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) recurrence post total thyroidectomy & radioiodine ablation : a single-center experience in the Jordanian Royal Medical Services

Original - Abdullah Al Zreiqat*, Hamzeh Aladwan*, Ola Attieh*, Eslam Jabali*, Anas Zboun*, Rania Al-asa’d **, Mahmoud AlZoubi*, Omar Shokaibi***, Mais Halaseh*, Khaled Alkhawaldeh*

Flow Cytometry Study of Biomarkers in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Patients Treated At the Royal Medical Services, Jordan

Original - Ayman S. Abukamar MD1, Anees Halalmeh MD1, Senan Badwan MD1, Mohammad S. Al-Saudi MD1, Mothanna N. Nawafleh MD1 , Raida Oudat MD1, Ali Swailmeen MD1

The accuracy of fine needle aspiration cytology for the diagnosis of non-thyroid neck masses

Original - Ahmad A. Alshare*- BDS, Mohammad M. Albateineh** - BDS ,Mohammad H. Aljarah***- BDS ,Ahmad M. Alalawneh****-BDS,Eman H. Alhamouri**-BDS, Omar Y. Ashokaibi+-MD, Asma A. Al-Soud++- MLT

The Relationship between Hearing Loss and Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy: Case Series

Brief - Shehab Ahmad Al-Abed MD FRCS FICO , Mohammad Abdelkareem Alsaraireh MD , Rania Zaid Rawashdeh MD FRCS‡, Mohammad Sameh Alshami MD‡, Feras Wasif Abdallah MD‡

White Blood Cell Count in Colorectal Cancer Patients, a retrospective study in KHMC

Brief - Haitham Rbaihat MD*, HalaAlsukhni MD**, Abdullah Abu Anzeh MD*, Ruba shannaq MD***, Tania Ojailat MD**

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