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Volume 29 Issue 3 December 2022

Compassion Fatigue of Health Workers Treating Patients with COVID-19

Brief - Abedalbaset Talal Alzoubi*, Zuhier Ali Ikhwayleh*, Ibrahim khalil Abu Hussein*, Issam Fahmi Othman Alrbeihat*, Ashraf Mohammad Sh. A. Odeh*, Ahmad Abedlaqader Aldhoun*

Intralesional Excision of thoracic spine Aneurysmal Bone Cyst “ABC” with vertebral body involvement, Case Study

Case - Asem Almajali MD*,Omar Bashmaf MD*, Amjad Alrashdan MD*, Bassam Harahsheh MD*, Mohammad Obeidat MD*, Maysoon Al Ruhaibah, MD**

Skin Flap Complications in Patients Undergoing Cochlear Implantations

Original - Nemer AlKhtoum EBEORL-HNS, FACS*,Osama Alalwan MD*, Ahmad Albtoush MD*, Basim Alkousheh MD*, Suhaib AlMomani MD*

Parents’ and children’s acceptance toward the use of stainless steel crowns for the treatment of primary teeth

Original - Ayman F Alelaimat*,Oraib A.Ababneh*,Hind A.AlMaaitah*,Alaa O.Al-Maaitah,Sarah S.Alsrour

Role of Indomethacin in the Treatment of Pericardial Effusion after Cardiac Surgery

Original - Mohammad H.khassawneh*,Mohammad A.Abu Taleb*,Ali M.Aloan*,Ali H.Khasalah*,Malik A.Alrihani*

The Relationship Between Upper Lip Length and Excessive Maxillary Gingival Display in a Sample of Jordanians

Original - Manal A Abu Al Ghanam *, Mais A Sharaiha *, Feras A AlQatarneh *, Areej B Alshdefat *, Yazan S Al Samawi *

Prevalence of Benign Lesions in Partial Nephrectomy

Original - Ahmad Al-Hiari MD*, Awad Al Kaabneh MD*, Adnan Abo-Qamar MD*, Ali.S.Al-zrigat MD*, Ashraf Al Majali MD*, Firas Al Hammori MD*, Abdalhakeem Naimat MD*, Mohammad Mousa MD*, Ali Al Asmer MD*, Alaa Abu keshek MD**, Sura Alrawabdeh MD***

Laparoscopic Extracorporeal Needle-Assisted Repair of Inguinal Hernia in Paediatrics: Our Experience in Prince Rashid Bin Al-Hassan Hospital

Original - Amer Alibrahim MD*, Ahmad Abo Gora MD*, Salim Masadeh MD*, Adnan Bawaneh MD*, Hiba Alabadi MD*.

Surgical Complications and Outcome of Renal Transplantation in Recipient Patients A single centre retrospective study

Original - Tareq Hani Al-samarneh, JBVS,FRCS vasc ,FEBVS, MD*, Kristi Janho, FACS, MD*, Mahmoud Alhindawi , MD**,Muhannad Jalookh, MD*,Nizar Alsaidah ,MD***,Omar Al madadha , MD*

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