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Timing of laparoscopic cholecystectomy for acute calculous cholecystitis after a clear clinical picture is established: is it important?

Original - Ibrahim M. Algwairy MD*, Ala H. Odeh MD*, Khaled S. El Share MD**, Mohammad S. Atrouz MD**, Hamza F. Ababneh MD*

Clinical Profile of Neonatal Admissions at Prince Rashid bin Al-Hassan Hospital

Original - Alaa Al Tawalbeh, MD*, JB. Ahmad Sharadgah, MD, JB*. Mahera Malkawi, RN**. Kahrman Shawagfeh, RN**. Alaeddin Ali Saleh, MD, JB*

Enhanced Recovery Protocol After Radical Cystectomy for Urinary Bladder Cancer at The Prince Hussein Urology Center.

Original - Dr.Ashraf AL-Majali MD*, Tareq AL-Nasser, MD*, Dr. Bilal Abu-Naja MD*, Dr.Mohammad AL-Qudah MD*, Mutaz AL-Atoum MD*, Motasem Smadi, MD*, Dr. Firas Khori MD*, Dr. Ahmad AL-Hiari MD*, Dr.Mohammad Abd AL-Dyeam MD*, Anees AL-Hjazeen RN**, Dr.Mohanad Naser MD*

The prevalence of root dilaceration among southern Jordanian population

Original - Waddah Saleh El-Naji*,Amjad Mjalli AlWarawreh*,Ra’ed Mahmoud Al-Dboush*,Salem Abdullah AlSaraireh*,Aseel Aref Al.Momani*

Blood-Based Versus Crystalloid-Based Cardioplegia for Congenital Cardiac Surgery; A Prospective Observational Study

Original - Ashraf Fadel Moh'd MD*, Salah E Altarabsheh MD**, Mohammad Abdallah Khasawneh MD*, Zeid Makahleh MD**, Ammar Mohammad Alomari MD**, Mohammad Barham RN***,

Sebaceous induction: a common observation in neurofibroma regardless of the anatomical sites

Original - Mamon Alathamneh M.D*, Hiathem Abu Alhaija M.D*, Sura Al Rawabdeh M.D**, Bashar Jarrar M.D*, Mohammad Abusailik M.D*.

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