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The Relationship Between Hypomineralized Second Primary Molars and Molar Incisor Hypomineralization

Original - Mo'ath Mohammad GhozlaN BDS *, JB,Ali Hussein Otoum **, BDS, JB. Nadeem Nasir Kana'an, BD ***, JB,Abdullah Mohammad Al Hawary, BDS, JB*, Zaid Bassam Shhabat, BDS, JB. Orthodontics +, Rami Abdullah Sa'ade++

Postoperative Reduced Oral Feeding Can Increase Readmission Post Bariatric Surgery

Original - Mohammad ALhunity MD*, Khaled.M.Aladwab MD*, Yousef S.ALsardia MD,*, ALaa.H.ALbadaina MD*, Majd alqaisi MD*,

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in children: A single centre experience

Original - Mousa Qatawneh MD*,Tania Ogeilat MD**. Moath Altarwneh MD*, Asim Momani MD**,Maher Mustafa MD*, Majd Odtallah MD*

Comparative study between type I and type II endometrial cancer

Original - Ehab Al-Rayyan, MD, Mitri Rashed, MD*, Amer Gharaibeh, MD*, Basel Khreisat, MD*, Nancy Ghishan, MD Maher Maaita, MD, Omar Alelwan, MD*, Tariq Irtaimeh, MD*, Hayat Khasawneh, MD**

Does Single Aortic Clamp Strategy Ameliorate the Risk of post-operative Stroke after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: A Single Center Study

Original - Sakher M. Al-Mayaah, MD*, Mohammad H. Khasawneh, MD*, Amr S. Momani, MD** , Diana N. Alamro, RN*** , Farah N. Alsarairah, RN

Incidence of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip among Jordanian Population

Original - Fadi Mohammad Alrosan, MD *, Feras Suleiman Alibrahem MD*, . Alaa Awad Almaitah, MD * , Naser Fuad Shari,MD *, . Nizar Hussein Al-Baryhie MD*

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