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Volume 31 Issue 1 April 2024

Evaluation of Surgical Treatment for the Herniated Cervical Disc: a Retrospective Review

Original - Allouzi Rakan*, Alahmad Bilal**, Hamed Abdalrahman***, Hindawi Ala aldin+, Alhasan Ahmad**, Alqroom Rami*.

A proposed Multivariate Logistic Regression Model For Osteoporosis Patients

Original - Samer Mahmoud Al Boun; MD*, Khaled Mohammad Bani Hani; MD*, Rania Farhan Khreisat; MD*, Bara’a Esa Alshagoor; MD*, Rabaa Ibrahim Alfarajat; MD*

Diagnostic Accuracy of Coronary Artery CT Imaging as a Pre-ICA Test in Low-Risk Patients with Chest Pain: A Study at Queen Alia Heart Institute

Original - Ramzi A.Alhyari ;MD*, Ashraf H.Alqubbaj ; MD*, Laith M.Bani Hamad ;MD*,Tareq M. Alqudah; MD*,Hassan S.Elqaderi ; MD*,Mohammed Holy ;MD*,Jehad Sh.Alassaf ;MD**

Influence of Different Brushing Times on Oral Hygiene in Orthodontic Patients with Fixed Appliances

Original - Mohammad Abdalhamed Alqudah ;MD*, Amjad Mjali Alwarawreh ;MD*, Salem Abdullah Alsararieh ; MD* , Ayman Dawood Alshawabkeh ; MD*, Hamzeh Nawaf Alkhawaldeh ; MD*

Dentists’ awareness of physiotherapy role in the management of Temporomandibular disorders in Royal Medical Services

Original - Rania A,Alsaddi ;BDS*,Mais Ziad Ahram ;BDS *, Asem Mahmoud Albatayneh ; BDS *, Alaa H,Khuluqi ;BDS *,Tariq Ibrahim Alsheab ;PT **,

Vertical transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Infection, epidemiology and risk factors

Original - Aghadir Mohammad Alhadidi;MD*,Mahdi Qasem Farah Frehat; MD**,Alaaddin Ali aleh; MD*, Hanadi Yaser Alkhalayeh;MD**,Dr Samera Mohammad alqoraan;MD*

Sleep Quality among Emergency Team Members and its Associated Factors in the Military Hospitals

Original - Ahmad Abdalqader Aldahon; MD*, Mohamad Akef Aldabas ;MD*,Eman Farhan khresat ;MD* ,Mohammed Faraj Alateat ;MD*, Anees Adel Hjazeen ;RN**, Soha Abdulhafez Kana’an ;RN**

Diagnostic Performances Of Rheumatoid Factor And Anti-Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide In Rheumatic Patients

Original - Ra’d Qasim Jaradat, MD*; Mohammad Al-bakheetMD*, Samer Mahmoud Al boun MD*; Ahmed Mahmoud Alboun, RN**; Salah Ibraheem Mohammad Alnawafleh, RN**

Assessment of knowledge of glaucoma treatment during pregnancy: A survey based- study

Original - Ghadeer Al-Humimat MD*, Mohannad Q. Albdoor MD* Ibtisam Marashdeh MD1, Duaa Daradkeh MD *, Mohammad Alnsour MD *.

Demographics of colorectal cancer in Jordan: A retrospective statistical study from a major tertiary hospital

Original - Hala Alsoukhni MD*, Amani Alrousan MD**, Mohammad Alkader MD***, Sinan Badwan MD***, Yazan Moumani MD***, Haitham Rbeihat MD****

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