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Volume 19 Issue 3 September 2012

Clinical and Cytogenetic Profile of Down Syndrome at King Hussein Medical Centre

Original - Wajdi Amayreh MD*, Kefah Al Qa'qa' MD*, Ali Al Hawamdeh MD*, Issa Khashashneh MD**

Thoracic Paravertebral Block and Morphine versus Morphine Alone for Post Thoracoscopy Pain

Original - Ghazi Al-Dehayat MD*, Ahed Al-Edwan MD*, Mohamad Mamking MD*, Samer Al-Eghzawi MD**, Jamal Alaedi MD**

Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome: Our Experience at King Hussein Medical Center

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Original - Michel Kakish MD*, Jamil Abdelhadi MD**, Adnan Zayadeen MD**

Results of Vascular Clip Closure Device at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Sizeph Haddad MD*, Izzeddin Qtaish MD*, Jan Al-Shishani MD**

Surgical Complications in Live Related Kidney Transplant Patients at the Royal Medical Services: Review of the Last Three Years

Original - Lara Abu Ghazaleh MD*, Kristi Janho MD **, Ayham Haddad MD^, Zahran Budair MD *

Causes of Blindness among Patients Seen at the Jordanian Hospital in Gaza

Original - Samer Khurma MD*, Khalid Ghzawi MD**, Mohammad Aqeel MD^, Yasser Abu- Ghazzah MD^^, Ra’ed Khatib MD**, Omar Nawasrah MDo, Nidal Al -Soud MDoo, Mohammad Mashaqbah MDoo

Indications and Complications of Total Abdominal Hysterectomy for Benign Disease

Original - Vera Amarin MD*, Walid Naji MD*, Fatma Quran MD*, Nancy Al-Fayez MD*

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