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Volume 20 Issue 4 December 2013

Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes: Prevalence in the North of Jordan

Original - Tarek Athamneh MD*, Mohammad Meqdadi MD*, Yousef Khader MD^, Mahmoud Mashaqbeh MD*, Mohammad Rawashdeh MD*, Amal Ahmad Al-Qudah MD^, Zuheir Amarin MD**

Gingival Status and Caries Experience in 12 and 15 Year Old School Children in Southern and Central Jordan

Original - Da’ameh Al-Da’ameh BDS*, Mooen Al-Weshah BDS**, Rana Al-Omor BDS^, Ayman Al-Hyasat BDS^, Zaid Al-ou’bi BDS*

Randomized Clinical Trial of Early Aggressive Versus Late and Slow Intravenous Lipid Infusion in Preterm Infants and Bilirubin and Lipid Profiles

Original - Ghassan SA. Salama MD*, Monther A. Obeidat MD**, Aghadeer Alhadidi MD*, Mahdi Frehat MD*, Alia Khlefa MD*

A Clinico-Pathological Study of Peri-Ocular Tumors and Tumor-Like Lesions at Prince Rashid Bin Al-Hassan Military Hospital in the North of Jordan

Brief - Mohammad Al- Hashki MD*, Thabit Odat MD*, Samer Alawaneh MD*, Ola Al-Wagfi MD**, Luma Al- Fayyadh MD**, Amal Al-Nawafleh Bcs**, Lara Obeidat Bcs**, Enas Al-Hwari, Bcs**

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