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Volume 17 Issue 3 September 2010

Anesthetic Techniques Used for Cesarean Section at the Royal Medical Services Hospitals in 2007

Original - Mohammad Khasawneh MD*, Merhij Ahmad MD*, Mohammed Shawagfeh MD*, Sameer Kofahi MD**, Mahmoud Al-Khateeb MD^, Omar Al-Momani MD*, Khalid Shougran MD*

Incidental Thyroid Nodules Found during Carotid Doppler Ultrasonography at King Hussein Medical Centre

Original - Tareq Bisheh MD*, Abdallah Abdelaziz MD**, Fares Haddad MD, FRCP**

Lateral Closing Wedge Supracondylar Humeral Osteotomy for Treatment of Post-Traumatic Cubitus Varus

Original - Firas M. Husban MD*, Mahmoud M. Odat MD*, Mohammed Q. Dwiri MD*

Hernia Repair under Local Anesthesia

Brief - Salah Halasa MD, FRCS*, Waleed Haddaden MD, MRCSI

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