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Volume 26 Issue 1 April 2019

Comparison of Dental Injuries and Mouthguard uses in three Styles of Martial Arts: Karate, Taekwondo and Jiu-jitsu

Original - Jehad.A.Ajarmah, BDS, JB*,ManalAbu Al Ghanam, BDS, JB*,Ehab.A.Rassas BDS, MSc*, Mashoor. Alwreikat BDS, JB*, Amjad.M.Alwarawreh BDS, JB

The Efficacy of Subconjunctival Bevacizumab in the Management of Rubeosis Iridis and Neovascular Glaucoma

Original - Ahmed E. Khatatbeh, MD*,Marwan Otoum, MD*,Fawaz Al Zweimel,MD*,Hala Haddad ,MD*,Hesham Rwashdeh,MD*

Accuracy of emergency radiological tools in guiding renal stones surgical treatment

Original - Firas A. Khori MD*, Mohannad M. Al-Naser MD*, Ashraf S. Al-Majali MD*, Mohammad F. Mousa MD*, Mohammad A. Al-Qudah MD*, Mohammad H. Al-Hiari MD**, Ali S. Al-Zriqat MD*.

Studying Depression Status and Possible Association with Vitamin D Deficiency and the Level of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone among Jordanian Patients with Addiction

Original - Alasasleh Maher MD*, Nabil A. Bashir MD**, Ahed J Alkhatib MD***, Mohammadnoor AlOmary MD****, Raafat AburummanMD*

Microbiological Profile and their Antibiotic Susceptibility Results in Patients with Ear Discharge, our Experience at KHMC, Jordan.

Original - Mohammad Al maayteh MD*, Mansour Al hiary MD*, Sohaib Al momani MD**, Ayat Al khasawneh MD*, Bayan Al zgol MD*, Rame Khasawneh, MD, * Yazan Foad Bsc*

Comparison of the Effects of Ca-Mg Carbonate Chewable Tablets with Calcium Carbonate Tablets on Phosphate Binding in Patients on Hemodialysis Taking H2-R Blockers

Original - "Moh'd Nour" Mahmoud Bani Younes Ph*, Ayham Hadad MD**, Katebh Al Rabadi MD**, Mahmoud Al HindwaiMD**, Mahmoud Hammad Al Maita MD**

Extraskeletal Ewing Sarcoma of the Parotid Gland: A Case report.

Case - Ruba Shannaq MD*, William Haddadin FRC Path*, Omar Ashokhaibi MD.*

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