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Volume 28 Issue 1 April -

Cataract Surgery and Intraocular Pressure

Original - Sahar Noorani BA*, Munsif AlSalem MD**, Ted Deng BA*, Alex Yang BS*, Beverley Adams-Huet MS***, Xilong Li PhD***, Karanjit Kooner MD +

Identifying β-chain Variants of Hemoglobin: Royal Medical Services Experience

Original - Raida Oudat*(MD), Heba Abu Al-ruz* (Bsc), Tania Ogeilat* (MD), Eman AL-Mashaqba*(Bsc), Sana’a Saidat*(MD), Rawan AL-Hiari*(Bsc), Raeda Saada* (PhD).

Short-Term Outcomes of Endovascular Aortic Repair in King Hussein Medical Centre: A Single-Centre Experience

Original - Maher Alkhawaldeh, MD*, Samer Aljfout, MD*, Mohannad Jaloukh, MD**, Hamzeh Alqudah MD*, Omar Alzoubi, MD**

Narrow band UVB phototherapy for the treatment of refractory renal pruritus among patients on hemodialysis

Original - Mohammad Abusailik, MD*; Abdullah Alhasanat, MD*; Khaled Hamadeneh, MD**; Alsharif Mohammad Fawwaz, MD*; Adam Almuhisen, MD*; Mohammed Nawaiseh, MD***.

Candida in patients with diabetes mellitus type II on insulin with metformin vs. metformin only: randomized clinical trial

Original - Amjad M. Al Warawreh, Zaid H. Al Tamimi, Marwan Oqlah Showayter, Aroub Khaled Al Basheir , Ramada Nabih Haddad

Infra-Inguinal Synthetic Graft Infection: A Clinical and Microbiological Outcome.

Original - Ashraf Alshabatat MD*,Shaden Alsaryrah MD**,Laith Obiedat MD***,Osama Alshawabkah MD***,Sakher Alsharo MD***,Omar Alzoubi MD*

Occupational Hazard Study: Measurement of Noise Levels of Dental Equipment used in dental clinic and dental laboratory

Brief - Ali H. Otoum BDS, JDB*,Falah H. Hawamdeh BDS, JDB,Ahmed E. Dalalah BDS, JDB***,Amer K. Jodeh BDS, JDB+,Mohammed E. Qatawna BDS, JDB++

Categories of the Patients Attending Metabolic Clinic, Queen Rania Al-Abdullah Children Hospital

Brief - WajdiAmayreh, MBBS, MRCPCH, Hanadi Al-Rimawi, MD, Mo'menAlakil, MD, Noor Migdadi, MD, SumaiaRababa'a, MD

A Female with X-linked Ornithine Transcarbamylase Enzyme Deficiency (Case Report)

Case - Mo’men O. Alakil*, MD, Noor A. Megdadi, MD, Mai N. Almaseed, MD, Duaa A. Alhlasy,MD, Shahrazad M. Qayyam,MD, Moshera A. Al Dwari, RN, Jalaa’ M. Talfha, RN

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