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Volume 18 Issue 4 December 2011

Two Years’ Experience in Transapical Aortic Valve Implantation

Original - Haitham Altaani MD*, Nawwar Al-Attar, FRCS, PhD**, Mezher Alshammari MD**, Costin Radu MD**, Richard Raffoul MD**, Laurent Lepage MD^, Alec Vahanian, MD^, Patrick Nataf MD**

Use of Magnesium Sulphate in the Prophylaxis of Atrial Fibrillation Post Cardiac Surgery, is it Effective?

Original - Zeyad Alshawabkah MD*, Bahi Hiasat MD*, Mohammad Al Fayez MD*, Razi AbiAnzeh MD*, Wasfi Alabadi MD**, Basel Harahsheh MD*

Gold Weight Implantation for Facial Palsy at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Samir Kharma MD*, Bassam Al-Nawaiseh MD*, Mousa Al-Madani MD*, Issam Bataineh MD*, Mansour Tareef MD*, Khalil Al-Rawashdeh MD*

No Relation between Advanced Parental Age and the Risk of Autism among Jordanian Children

Original - Amjad A. Jumai’an MD, MRCPsych*, Hussein H. Dmour MD**, Hussein M. Al-Said MD**

Electrode Impedance among Children Using the Combi-40+ Medel Cochlear Implant

flagyl 400mg click azithromycin

Original - Khalid Tubishi MD*, Hussein Al-Qasem PhD*, Abed Rabu Qubilat MD*, Salman Assaf MD*, Mefleh Sarhan MD*, Sufian Roud MD*, Ahmed Subihat MD*, Ahmed Qudah MD*, Shadiya Habashneh NS**

The Vertical Scar Reduction Mammaplasty: a Review of 50 Cases Using Hall Findlay’s Technique

Original - Waleed Haddaden MD*, Muhammad Abo-Samin MD*, Maher Al-Khateeb MD*, Awni Abo-Lail MD*, Khalid El-Maaytah MD*, Lamees Arbiyat MD*

Surgical Management of Placenta Accreta: A Six Year Experience at the King Hussein Medical Centre, Amman, Jordan

Brief - Mitri Rashed MD, Njoud Al Taleb MD, Manar Abo Karaka MD, Ehab Al-Rayyan MD, Maher Maaita FRCOG

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