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Volume 30 Issue 1 April 2023

Open pyeloplasty in children with uretero pelvic junction obstruction (our experience at Queen Rania Al-Abdullah Hospital for children)

Original - Waseem Al-Meflh, MD, JBGS, JBPS, FACS*,Ahmad Al-Raymoony, MD, JBGS*, JBPS, FRACS*,Gaith Khasawneh, MD, JBGS, JBPS*,Ahmad Abu Qurah, MD, JBGS, JBPS*,Adnan Bawaaneh, MD, JBGS*.

New onset diabetes following exposure to Covid-19 antigen in a cohort of Jordanian population

Original - Suzan Eteiwi MD*, Abdallah AlEyadeh MD*, Mutaz Jawher Alwadi MD*, Ashraf Hatem Qubbaj MD**, Khaldon K Al-Sarihin MD*, Karam Mashhour Bdour MD*, Rania A Al-Asaad MD*

Studying risk factors associated with coronavirus and the relationship between vaccination and study variables among patients examined in Royal Medical Services, Jordan

Original - Abedalbaset Alzoubi*, Zuhier Ikhwayleh*, Issam Al Rbeihat*, Thabet Alshwaiyat*, Abed Elfattah Al Awaisheh*, RN Soha Kana’an**

Prevalence and Anatomical Characteristics of the Accessory Mental Foramen in a selected Jordanian population, Using Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

Original - Khuzama Aburumman.BDS*, Ruba K. Al-Qaisi, Ali BDS*. Alrimawi, Nesreen Al Faraieh BDS*, Anas Abu Salem BDS*, Rawia Aburumman MD**, Razan Aburumman MD**,

Effects of COVID-19 Infection on the Fetus

Original - Rema K. Omosh*, Iman F. Anees*,Amal Dbees*,Njood M. Altalib*,Manar M. Abukaraki

Genetic and Phenotypic Characteristics of Acinetobacter baumannii Isolates from Sputum Specimens of ICU Patients at KHMC, Jordan

Original - Awatef Alkaabneh MD*, Abdalkarem Alshawabkeh MD**,Shereen Almhairat MD*, Khaldoon Alshowbaki MD***, Raja Alkhasawneh MD**.

Prospective Evaluation of TIRADS Introduced At the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics

Original - Zayadeen AR, MD. Abudalo RA, MD. Halasah MG, MD2. Qatameen HM, MD. Sarihin KK, MD. Khader YS, BDS. ElMagdoub AM, MD2. AlJilly SA, MD2. HajEldwo MK, MD6

White Blood Cell Count in Colorectal Cancer Patients, a retrospective study in KHMC

Original - Haitham Rbaihat MD*, HalaAlsukhni MD**, Abdullah Abu Anzeh MD*, Ruba shannaq MD***, Tania Ojailat MD**

The incidence of vocal cord injury after thyroid surgery – An Assessment study

Original - Khaldoun Kh. Al-Shogran*, Alaa M. Khamaiseh**, Khaled A. Hlael**, Mohammad A. Abu Al’anaz**, Mohammad M. Alshorman**

Helicobacter Pylori Infection in Jordanian Children: Prevalence, Endoscopic Findings, and Relationship with Dyspepsia

Original - Abdallah Majed Ghanma, MD*; Mohammad Salem Shatnawi, MD*; Mohammad Mu'azi Alrwalah, MD*; Mohammad Lutfi Alqura’an, MD*; Backer Nayel Rawashdeh, MD**; Sana' Khaza'leh, MD*; Sura Mohammad Alrawabdeh, MD*

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