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Volume 19 Issue 2 June 2012

Clinical Presentation, Genotype and Microbiological Data among Cystic Fibrosis Children at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Abdelhamid S. Najada MD*, Muna M. Dahabreh MD*, Muna M. Kawar, MD*, Khalid Gharaiebeh MD*, Mohamad M. Najada MD*

Early versus Delayed Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy for Management of Acute Calculus Cholecystitis: Our Experience at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Ashraf F. Al-Faouri MD, MRCS*, Salah A. Halasa MD, FRCS*, Saleh A. Al-Hourani MD*, Tariq S. Al-Mnaizel MD*

Result of Supra-Genicular Femoropoliteal Bypass Done for Critical Limb Ischemia

Original - Mamoun Al-Basheer MD*, Jan Al-Shishani MD*, Ayman Masafa RN**

Cultural Attitudes and Beliefs of Jordanian and Philippine Military Personnel’s Served in Liberia towards Tattoos

Original - Amjad Jumai’an MD, MRCPsych, Mohammad Al-Helalat MD**, Hussein Dmour MD*, Hussein Al-Said MD^, Said Shunnaq MD*

The Relationship between Dental Anxiety and Reported Dental Treatment Experience in Children Aged 11 to 14 years

Original - Maan Al-Far BDS*, Nidal Habahbeh BDS*, Rania Al-Saddi BDS*, Ehab Rassas BDS*

Retinal Manifestations of Diabetes on the First Visit of Jordanian Diabetics to the Ophthalmology Clinic

Original - Ahmed E. Khatatbeh MD*, Fakhry S. Athamneh MD*, Ahmed F. Al Shobaki MD, Ahmed A. Bani Salmeh MD**, Mohammad A. Droos MD*

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