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Volume 23 Issue 3 September 2016

The benefits of follicular flushing on the number of oocyte retrieved in poor responder IVF/ICSI Cycles: Experience at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Bassam Nusair MD*, Emad Alsharu MD*, Ayyed Shamaseen MD*, Mohammad Somadi, Nedal Alnawaiseh MD*

Pneumatic reduction of pediatric intussusception: Experience at Queen Rania Al-Abdullah Hospital for Children

Original - Waseem Al-Meflh, MD*, Ahmad AbuQuraa, MD* Gaith Khaswneh MD*, Amir Al-Ibrahim, MD*, Baha Abdullah MD*, Najeh Al-Omary, MD,

Living-donor liver transplantation at King Hussein Medical Center: Donor complications and outcome in the first 100 donors

Original - Khaled Y. Ajarma, MD, FACS*, Ashraf F. Al-Faouri, MD, MRCS*, Abdulhamid M. Abbadi, MD*, Alaa A. Alzu’bi, MD*, Tareq Al-Mnaizel, MD*, Ra’ed Al-Jarrah, MD*, Haifa Shnekat, RN**, Lawrance Asri, RN**

Pediatric Rhabdomyosarcoma : A 7-Year Experience at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Maher Mustafa MD*, Omaiema Al-jarrah MD*, Mufeed Kh. Hamoury MD*, Salma Alhiwat RN**, Ola-Al-Hassanat RN**

The Role of Varicocele Grade on Seminal Fluid Parameters Post Varicocelectomy: Experience at Prince Hussein Urology Centre

Original - Mohammad Alserhan MD*, Abdullah Rababaah MD*, Ahmad Alhiari MD*, Laith Khasawneh MD*, Mohammad Abd-Aldayem MD*

Is Redo Coronary Artery Bypass Graft In Patients Over 70 Years Old Safe?

Original - Razi Abuanzeh*, Zeyad Al shawabkeh**, Hayel Al-Edwan***, Khaled Nawaiseh***, Wasfi Abbadi***, J. Bin Saeid*, R.Williams*, M. Pullan*

Knowledge and Practice of Foot Care among Diabetics at King Hussein Medical Center, Jordan

Original - Reem Moh’d Al-Qaddah, RN*, Abdallah Al Eyadeh,MD**, Ma'en Zaid Abu-Qamar, DN***, Nidal Younes, MD****, Dina Al-Ryalat, RN*****, Fares Haddad, MD

Parathyroid carcinoma: a case report

Case - Ashraf F. Al-Faouri, MD, MRCS* Abulhamid M. Alabadi, MD* Alaa A. Alzu’bi, MD*Ahlam A. Awamleh, MD** Malak M. Sadoon, MSN, RN***

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