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Volume 23 Issue 4 December 2016

Early Biochemical markers of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in neonates

Original - Faten Awaysheh, MD*, Areej Bsharat, MD*, Nisreen Alhmaiedeen MD*,Raeda Al-ghananim MD*, Mohammad Al-hassan MD**.

The association between lymphovascular invasion and other prognostic indicators in operable breast cancer: Experience at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Ahlam A. Awamleh, MD, *Hussein Husban, MD, **Khaled Abu Rumman, MD, **Anas Al Rabadi, MD, **Saleh Habahbeh, MD **

Hepatitis B genotypic and serologic characteristics in Jordan

Original - Waseem Hamoudi, MD*, Immad Ghazzawi, MD**, Mirela Maria Y. Hamoudi, MD ***

Chromosomal and Hormonal Abnormalities in Azoospermic Patients in a Military Jordanian Cohort

Original - Abdallah Al Eyadeh MD*, Mansour Hyari MD**, Ibraheem Bani Irsheed MD***, Rima Haddad BSC Pharma ****,Fares Hadad MD*

Brachiobasilic Arteriovenous Fistula for Hemodialysis Access: Experience at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Jan Al Shishani MD, Omar Zoubi MD, Eyad Masa'feh MD, Tareq Samarneh MD, Mohammed Al-rawashdeh MD.

Family History Of Glaucoma And Disease Severity

Original - Mohannad Q. Albdour MD*Khiem T. Vu, BS*Nathan L. Markel, BS*Kisan Parikh, BS*Xilong Li, PhD**Beverley Adams-Huet, MS**Karanjit S. Kooner, MD*

Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Breast Self Examination among Female Graduates in Princess Muna College of Nursing and Royal Medical Services College of Allied Health Professions

Original - Mohammad Issa AL Odwan MD*, Iman Farhan Khreisat MD*, Amal Farhan Khreisat MD*, Ayat AL Khasawneh MD*, Ruba AL Sqour MD*

Mid-term analysis of Cranioplasty for Acquired Skull Defects at King Hussein Medical Centre

Brief - Nidal Khasawneh, MD*, Rami Alqroom, MD*, Lamees Arabiyat, MD* ,Feras Haddad, MD*, Anas Said, MD*

A comparative study of hemiarthroplasty for neck of femur fracture of elderly. (Bipolar, Austin Moore, cemented Thompson)

Brief - Jamal Alshawabkeh, MD*, Raed Al-Zaben, MD*, Ashraf Jbarat, MD*, Omar “Bani Ahmad”, MD*, Jamal Rahaymeh, MD**

Evaluation of the Quality of Endodontic Treatment among A sample of Jordanian Population. A Radiographic Study

Brief - Khuzama K. Abu-Rumman, BDS, *Ahmad M. Alhabahbah, BDS, *Wasfi A. Almanaseer, BDS, **Ali S. Al-Rimawi, BDS, *Ali H. Al-Shibli, BDS *

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