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Volume 26 Issue 2 August 2019

Acute rejection after pediatric kidney transplantation at Queen Rania Abdullah Hospital for children –Jordan

Original - Mahdi Qasem Frehat, MD*. Reham Issa Mardini, MD*. Ghazi moh’d Al-salaita, MD*. Jwaher Thiab Al-bderat, MD*. Aghadir Mohammad Alhadidi, MD

Remifentanil Versus Dexmedetomidine For Controlled Hypotensive Anaesthesia In Middle Ear Surgery

Original - Eyad Abu Nahleh MD*, Ahmad Sbaihat MD, Jawad M. F. Khassawneh MD** ,Hamzah Kheir MD*, Fatin Bani-Ata MD*

Comparison Of Treatment Regimens Used In Patients Diagnosed With Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

Original - Ahmad Mohammad Talfah.MD*, Sinan Ahmad Badwan.MD*, Anees Izzu AL-Halalmeh.MD*, Muna Hamzeh Khawaldeh.MD*, Mohammad Ali Obeidat.MD**

Quality of life of patients on Hemodialysis at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Katibh Al-Rabadi MD*, Mahmoud Hindawi MD*, Mazen Al Zo'ubi MD**, Reham Almardini MD***, Osama Al khataybeh MD**, Rana N Attiyat **** , Ayham Hadad MD*.

Knee Joint Replacements in Alkaptonuria Patients: Report of Fourteen Jordanian Cases and Review of Literatures

Original - Jamal Alshawabkeh MD*. Raed Al-Zaben MD. Ashraf Jbarat MD*. Omar “Bani Ahmad”*. Moayad abu Qa’oud MD*.

Infantile Hemangioma Treatment with Topical and Systemic Beta-blockers, an Experience at Royal Medical Services Hospitals.

Original - Hiathem abualhaija,MD*. Mamoun Alathamneh, MD*. Aghadir Alhadidi, MD**. Tamara Obeidat, MD***. Bayan Abu-Alhaija, MD****.

Lip Repositioning Surgery for the Reduction of Excessive Gingival Display: A Case Series

Original - Ala’ Ersheidat BDS.JB*, Hani Telfah BDS.MSc. FDSRCS**

Clinical outcomes of Adenoidectomy; Blind versus Mirror Approach

Original - Mohammad Obeidat, MD *, Mona Ottom,MD *, Shadi Alghonmien, MD * , Ghaith Khorshid,MD *, Intithar Alrahamneh R.N.

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