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Volume 27 Issue 2 August 2020

Clinical Outcome of the Implementation of Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Protocol in Colorectal Surgery

Original - Ahmad Uraiqat M.*, JBCRS, FRCSI**, Mohammad Lababdeh M.D**, Abdullah Akef Abu Anzeh M.D**, Khaled Mistarihi M.D**, Mahmoud Sawalga M.D**, Fadi Maaitah M.D**, Ayman al Sharif M.D**, Ghaith Gsous M.D**

Bronchial brushing and biopsy: a comparison of diagnostic yield in lung cancer patients at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Rakan M. Haddad MD*, Khaled M. Al-Nadi MD*, Hayat Khasawneh MD**, Awatef Kaabneh MD***, Raja M. Khasawneh*, Jafar A. Al-Momani MD* Adnan S. Al-Suleihat*

The Role Of Magnesium Sulfate In The Treatment Of Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension In The Neonate: Our Experience In King Hussein Medical Centre (KHMC).

Original - Alaeddin Ali Saleh MD,Abdalrazzaq Ahmad Alyassen MD, Aghadir Mohammad Alhadidi MD Fadi Farhan Ayash MD

The Accuracy of Mammogram And Ultrasound in assessment of tumour size and lymph node involvement in invasive breast cancer

Original - Hend M.Harahsheh MD*, Bilal A.Al-Bdour MD**, Rawan M.Ayyad MD‡, Laith M.Al-Habahbeh MD‡, Ola M.AL Waqfi MD†.

The Relationship Between Serum Vitamin B12 Level, Obesity, and Age: A Cross-sectional Study

Original - Ahmad A. Bani salameh M.D*, Kafa M. AL Dalala'h M.D*, Karam M. Bdour M.D*, Yazan S. Bani Hamad M.D*, Ali A. Alzu’bi, MD**, Nesreen S. Al-Najdawi, MsN, RN***

Effect of Pressure Versus Volume In Controlled Ventilation In Overweight And Obese Patients During Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Original - * Sadeq M.Da’meh MD ,Rami A.S. Abudayyeh MD, Mohammad J.I.Beidas MD, AnanH.Qabaha MD ,Ali D.Almajali MD

The Clinical Impacts of Early Trophic Feeding Using Protein Formulas in Compared With Standard Formulas in Intolerated Enteral Nutrition Hospitalized Patients

Original - “Moh’d Nour” Mahmoud Bani Younes; Ph*, Rayya Khalaf Al Mashaqbeh; MD**, Mohammad Ali Zureigat; MD***,Laith Taha Aladaileh; MD^, Aktham Abdul Aziz Al Dhomour; MD^^, ,Basel Naem Al-Rawashdeh MD+, Areej Mohammed Almanaseer Ph*

Association Between Serum Vitamin D Level And Lipid Profile In a Jordanian Adult Cohort

Brief - Sana’a Saidat MD*, Areen Al-zghoul MD*, Alaa Abu-alkeshek MD*, Tania Ogeilat MD* Rame Khasawneh MD*, FABMGG.

Testicular Torsion: District Hospital Experience

Brief - Ismail Alnjadat MD*, Moh’d Obeidat MD**, Wisam EL-Sukkar MD***, Mahmoud AL-Swalgh MD^, Balal Abu Naja MD^^, Alaa Albadainh MD+

Vitreous hemorrhage following CyPass® glaucoma stent surgery

Case - Varun Reddy MD *, Munsif AlSalem MD***, Karanjit Kooner MD **

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