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Volume 25 Issue 3 December 2018

Normal Saline Versus Heparinized Saline Solutions to Maintain the Patency of Arterial and Central Venous Catheters

Original - Fadi H. Alhusban MD*, Qais K. Alqusus MD*, Ade F. Almomanie MD*, Talal A. Almasafeh MD*, Hanada A. Kreshan MD*

Measuring Periodontal Pocket Depth using Manual and Automated Probe Systems.

Original - Nader Masarwa *, Ayman Al-Shawabkeh*, Waddah Al-Naji *, Fadi Mdanat *, Ehab Rassas*

Non-operativeManagement of Pediatric Blunt Abdominal Solid Organ Injuries: Our experience at Queen Rania Al-Abdullah Hospital for Children

Original - Ahmad Al-RaymoonyMD*, Waseem Al-Meflh MD*,Ahmad Abu Qurah MD*, Samer Karadsheh MD* &Mohammad Dajaa MD*

Cleft Lip Management Protocol at the Royal Jordanian Rehabilitation Center: Four Years Retrospective Analysis

Original - Khalid Ali El-Maaytah,MD٭. Bashar Reyad EL-Momani PDS٭٭. Nidal M. EL-Soud, MD٭٭٭, Alaa Saleem Jumean, MD٭ .Mohammed Nayef AL-Bdour, M.D٭.

What no One tells you about Primary Spinal Tumors?!! Single Referral Center Experience

Original - Alqroom Rami MD*, Al-loziRakan MD*, Al-soub Emad MD**, Khresat Wesam MD***,Fayyad Luma MD****, Haddad Sizeph*, Al-thawabiaFiras MD*, Al Shurbaji Amer MD*

Clinical evaluation of thermography as a diagnostic tool in oral and maxillo-facial lesions

Original - Mohammed AmmoushBDS, JB *, MuradGzawi JB *, Amjad Warawreh BDS, JB *, Reham Hijazin, JB *, Hanan Jafar DDS, MSc, PhD**

Frequency of Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes and Genotype Association with Hepatitis C Virus Load, age and gender, King Hussein Medical Center Experience

Brief - Bahieh Al-abadi MD*, Mansour Al-hiary MD*, Rame Khasawneh MD*, Ahmad Bani-Salameh MD**, Sanna Al-saeidat MD*, Zain Abo Nouar *, Gandi Masaroh*

An Overview of Prenatal Invasive Procedures Performed at the Royal Medical Services (Jordan) Years 2013-2017

Brief - Maher Maaita MD*, Omar Taso MD*, Ala Hindawee MD*, Rami Rbihat MD*, Asma Abadee RN*

Primary Meningeal Angiosarcoma in a Child: Imaging Findings

Case - Qamar malabeh MD*, Alaa abed MD*, Tamara obeidat MD*, Razan Abudalu MD*, Ola Alwaqfi MD**

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