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Volume 20 Issue 2 June 2013

Wilson's Disease among Children at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Abdallah Ghanma MD*, Rihab Ghanma MD**, Ruwaida Hijazeen MD*

Short Term Outcome of Brachial Plexus Block in Vascular Access Surgery

Original - Mamoun Al-Basheer MD*, Ahed Aledwan MD**, Mohammed Kilani MD**, Jan Shishani MD*, Maleeha Jalamdeh RN^

Evaluation of Post Operative Urinary Bladder Distention at Prince Rashid Military Hospital

Original - Firas Khori MD*, Essa Mayyas MD**, Firas Haddad MD^, Ahmad Sbaihat MD**, Rafiq Haddad MD^^, Mohammad Ajlouni, MD**

Clinical Patterns of Alopecia Areata in Children in South Jordan

Original - Mohammed Helalat MD*, Tagreed Ma'ayta MD*

Tooth and Gingival Display in the Anterior Region at Rest and during Smiling of different Age Groups: A Comparative Study

Original - Riyad Al-Habahbeh BDS*, Raghda Al-Shammout BDS*, Mona Algananem BDS*, Osama Al-Jabrah BDS*, Nidal Al Habahbeh BDS*

A Two-Year Review of Hysteroscopic Practice at Queen Alia Military Hospital

Original - Mohammed El-Qudah MD*, Vera Amarin MD*, Mohammad Yousef RN**

A Five-Year Burn Unit Experience at King Hussein Medical Center: 2005 to 2009

Original - Muhammad Abo-Samin MD*, Waleed Haddaden MD*, Awni Abo-Lail MD*, Maher Al-Khateeb MD*, Muhammad Al-Bedor MD*

Pharmacists' Awareness of Drug Counterfeiting in Jordan

Original - Yara Abu Taleb MSc Pharm*, Ra'eda Al Madadha MSc Pharm*

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