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Volume 20 Issue 3 September 2013

Corneal Metallic Foreign Bodies among Jordanian Soldiers

Original - Samer I. Al Alawneh MD*, Thabit A. Odat MD, Ahmed E. Khatatbeh MD*, Fakhry S. Athamneh MD*, Shefa A. Alrabadi MD*

Lymphoma at King Hussein Medical Center: A Histopathologic Review

Original - Maher Mustafa MD*, Maysoon Al Ruhaibeh MD**, Ahmad Al Issa MD*, Nazmi Kamal MD**, Belal Elhawwari MD^

The Prevalence of Symptoms and Signs of Temporomandibular Disorders among a Group of Young Adult Jordanian Population

Original - Ayesh Dweiri BDM*, Farooq Alomari BDS*, Riyad Habahabeh BDS*, Nabil Alshdafat BDS*

Non-syndromic Hypodontia in Jordanian Orthodontic Patients and its Management

Original - Ibrahim Al-Shorman BDS*, Nabeel Shdefat BDS**, Ayman Al-Hyasat BDS**

Maternal and Fetal Outcomes in Diabetic Pregnant Women

Brief - Muwafag Hyari MD*, Hala Abu-Romman MD**, Kamel Ajlouni MD*

Ophthalmic Findings among Jordanian Patients with Chronic Renal Failure on Haemodialysis at Prince Ali Military Hospital in the South of Jordan

Brief - Ahmed E. Khatatbeh MD*, Mohammad N. Maryan MD**, Amer T. Al Bderat MD**, Mazen Odat, MD**, Amin Al- Qudhah MD**, Mohammad Al- Hashky MD*

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