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Volume 19 Issue 1 March 2012

Pre-operative Carotid Doppler Ultrasound Scanning among Patients who Underwent Cardiac Surgical Procedures at Queen Alia Heart Institute, Is It Necessary?

Original - Mohammad Al-Fayez MD*, Zeyad Al-Shawabkah MD*, Razi Abu Anzeh MD*, Wasfi Al-Abbadi MD**, Basel Harahsheh MD* Yanal Al-Naser MD*, Adnan Al-Laham MD*, Issa Ghanma MD**, Hussien Al-Daboby MD*, Osama Al-Shoubky MD*

Outcome of Varicocele Surgery and Infertility at Prince Hussein Urology Center

Original - Mohannad Al-Naser MD*, Firas Khori MD*, Awad Kaabneh MD*, Abdul Naser Shunaigat MD*

Morphine-Dexmedetomidine Mixture Versus Morphine Alone for Postoperative Analgesia

Original - Gahazi Al-Dehayat MD*, Ibraheem Khasawneh MD*, Sahel Al-Hammouri MD** , Mohammad Shabaneh MD*

Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Implantation Experience at King Hussein Medical Centre

Original - Ahmed Al-Shobaki MD*, Janet Hina MD*, Khalid Khraisat MD**, Mousa Al-Madani MD*, Issam Bataineh MD*, Mohammad Al-Hashki MD*

The Frequency of Angiographic Ectasia in Diagnostic Coronary Angiography at Queen Alia Heart Institute

Original - Ziad K. Drabaa MD*, Mohammed H. Majed MD*, Marwan A. Nimri MD*

Acquired Cholesteatoma of the Ear; Comparative Analysis of Histopathological Findings in Adults, Children and Recurrent Cases

Original - Qais M. Aljfout MD*, Maysoon Kh. Alruhaibeh MD**, Wafed R. Naghawy MD^, Sura M. Alrawabdeh MD**, Suleiman I. Alzaidaneen MD*, Khaled K. Alkhalaylah MD^^, Mohammad K. Shabaneh MD^^

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