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Volume 17 Issue 2 June 2010

Spectrum of Glomerular Diseases at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Ayham Haddad MD*, Amen Qdah MD*, Nabeh Al-Qaise MD**, Munther Hijazat MD*, Katebah Al- Rabadi MD*, Mubark Al-Twal MD^, Tareq Besheh MD^^, Ibrahim Smadi MD*, Nabil Akash MD*

Ureteroscopy in the Treatment of Ureteral Calculi: Efficacy and Safety

Original - Baker Al-Abbadi MD*, Abdul-Naser Shunaigat MD*, Zahran Budeir MD*

Systemic and Mucocutaneous Manifestations of Behcet's Disease: An Analysis of 107 Cases

Original - Ra'ed Smadi MD*, Abdullah Sarhan MD**, Manal Masha'leh MD^

Otoacoustic Emissions and Tinnitus in Normal Hearing

Original - Hussein Qasem PhD Audiology *, Sulman Assaf MD*, Nawaf Abo Jamous MD*, Aser Hroot MD*, Khalid Tubishi MD*, Adnan Husban MD*, Khalid Hamasha MD*, Shadya Habashneh RN**

Inappropriate Utilization of Emergency Medical Services at Prince Ali Military Hospital

Original - Muntaha Jerius MD*, Ahmad El-Salim MD*, Moh’d Tarawneh MD*, Muin Habashneh MD**

Functional Independent Recovery among Stroke Patients at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Ali Al-Hadeed MD*, Amjad Banihani MD**, Tareq Al-Marabha MD*

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