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Volume 22 Issue 4 December 2015

Effect of Central Corneal Thickness on the Outcome of Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty: Texas Experience

Original - Mohannad Q. Albdour MD*, Jordon G. Lubahn MD**, Xilong Li PhD**, Beverley Adams-Huet MS**, Karanjit S. Kooner MD**

Prevalence of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism among Hemodialysis Patients in Three Royal Medical Services Centers

Original - Ayham Haddad MD*, Hussein Shibli MD*, Munther Hijazat MD*, Sameer Sheab MD**, Amer Bderat MD***, Amen Qdah MD*

Clinical Patterns of Psoriatic Arthritis in Jordanian Patients with Psoriasis in a Single Center from Jordan

Original - Ausaylah Burgan MD*, Manal Al Mashaleh MD*, Osama Khatybah MD*, Ala Alheresh MD*

Surgeons' Learning Style in Comparison to their Medical Colleagues

Original - Ahmad Uraiqat MD, FRCS*, Haitham Rubeihat MD*, Majdi Alsudi MD*, Amer Amireh MD, FRCS*

Predictors of Postoperative Mechanical Ventilation Time, Length of ICU Stay and Hospitalization Period after Cardiac Surgery in Adults

Original - Hayel Al-Adwan MD*, Ashraf Fadel Moh'd MD*, Rami Qsous MD*, Mohammad A. Khasawneh MD*, Haitham Altaani MD**, Rani Abu-Jubbah RN ^

Endoscopic Repair of Congenital Choanal Atresia without Stenting at Queen Rania Pediatric Hospital

Original - Osama S. Almomani MD*, Eyad G. Alsafadi MD*, Ali M. Aljundi MD*, Khalid Hamash MD*, Qais Aljfut MD*

Anophthalmic Patients Treated with Eye Prosthesis at a Maxillofacial Unit in Jordan

Original - Gadeer Mukatash Nimri BDS*, Sami Jebreen DDS*, Moutasem Al-Homse DT*, Enas Othman BDS*

Cancellation of Elective Surgical Procedures, a Single Royal Medical Services Hospital Experience

Original - Mohammed Al Khawalde DDS*, Faisal Al Gudah MD**, Nidal Al Soud MD^, Mohammed Al Hroot MD^^

Mineralization Disturbances in Jordanian Children and Adolescents with Celiac Disease

Original - Maan Y. Alfar BDS*, Sami E. Jebreen DDS**, Abdallah M. Ghanma MD^, Rania A. Alssadi BDS**, Ruwaida I. Hijazeen MD^, Reem H. Dababneh DDS**

Hepatic Vein Collateral Draining to Left Atrium, an Extremely Rare Anomaly Cause of Hypoxemia , Case Report from Queen Alia Heart Institute

Case - Yousef Zureikat MD*, Rami Gsous MD**, Bashar Al Bkoor MD*, Abdallah Qaisi MD^, Khaled Nawaiseh MD*, Ghaith Gsous MD*

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