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Volume 27 Issue 1 April 2020

The Frequency Of Early And Late Neonatal Hypocalcemia: Prince Zaid Bin Al Hussein Military Hospital Experience.

Original - Dr. Fadi Farhan Ayash*, Dr. Abdalrazzaq Ahmmad Alyassen*, Dr. Nasser Eyadeh Bani Khaled*, Dr. Zakaria Mohammad Sharadgha*, Dr. Amro Maher Mohammad*

Pudendal Neuralgia Treatment By Injections And Surgery: Did We Help Patients?

Original - Haitham Rbeihat*, Ganio Ezio**, Leonardo Lenisa**, Andrea Rusconi**, Ettore Lillo**, Massimo Amboldi**, Gad Antebi**, Federica Murando**.

The Prevalence of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Symptoms Among Jordanian Surgeons

Original - Gaith A.H. Abou-Nouar ,Ala' Alma'aitah*,Hidar Saodi*,Eng.Tamara Alma'aitah**,Mahdi Jaradat*

The Role Of Computed Tomography (CT) Scans In The Management Of Orbital Cellulitis

Original - Rafiq I. Haddad, MD,Wafa’a A. Shwayat, MD,Shihab A. Al Abed, MD,Walid N. Quabain, MD,Ibrahim E. Al Kilany, MD

Screening Depression Among Vitamin D Deficiency Patients

Original - Zaid Aldahamsheh*. MD, Kareem Al Rashdan. MD*, Awni Alhadid. MD*, Mohammad Al Khazaleh. MD*, Raafat Aburumman. MD**

Penetrating Eye Injuries From 2008 to 2017 In the North of Jordan: Any Change In pattern?

Original - Mohammad Droos MD*,Samer Alawneh MD*,Hala Hadad MD*,Marwan Otom MD*, Ahmad Alhosban MD*

Complications Following Thyroid Procedures at King Hussein Medical Center, Jordan

Brief - Omar Abualeish MD*, Mohammad Alajlouni MD*, Ali Almajali MD**, Tareq Alzoubi MD**, Omar Abu zaytun MD*

Stigma of Mental Illness in Jordan

Brief - Dr. Hussein H. Dmour* MD, Dr. Muath F. Marashdeh MD**, Dr. Arfat k. Al-Zubi MD**, Dr. Maxim A. Obaisat MD**, Dr. Malik M. Al-Alwan MD**

Chronic Pelvic Pain In Patient With Pelvic Adhesions—Role Of Neurolytic Ganglion Impar Block: A Case Report

Case - Ali Almajali, MD*; Mohammad Shawaqfeh, MD*; Thani Awamreh, MD*; Tareq Alzubi, MD*; Wisam Alsukkar, MD*

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