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Volume 19 Issue 4 December 2012

Liver Transplantation: Experience at King Hussein Medical Center, Jordan

Original - Sahim Al-Qusous MD*, Sameer Smadi MD*, Abdelaziz Al-Ziadat MD*

Modified Evisceration Technique: Post- Equatorial Sclerectomy and Autogenous Scleral Patching

Original - Thabit A. Odat MD*, Issam M. Batayneh MD*, Salem Abu Al-Ghanam MD**

Tensile Peel Failure of Resin-Bonded Ni/Cr Beams: An Experimental Study

Original - Muna Al-Ghananeem BDS*, Moeen Al-Weshah BDS**, Riyad Al-Habahbeh, BDS^, Ehab Rassas BDS^^

Spectrum of Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Jordan: Five Years Experience at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Kefah Al-Qa’qa’ MD*, Wajdi Amayreh MD*, Ali Al-Hawamdeh MD*

Prostaglandin E2 versus Foley Catheter Balloon for Induction of Labor at Term: A Randomized Controlled Study

Original - Khaldoun Khamaiseh MD, FRCOG*, Wael Al-Ma’ani MD**, Iman Abdalla MD**

Wireless Capsule Endoscopy: Our Experience at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Zakarya Al-Mrayat MD*, Sultan Bin-Tareef MD*, Lina Hamtini RN**

Causes of Referral for Breast Ultrasonography in General Practice in South Jordan

Original - Sommaya Ja’afreh MD*, ‘Mohammad Shaker’ Khasawneh MD*, Jamal Ma’ayteh MD**

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