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Volume 17 Issue 4 December 2010

Standard Carotid Endarterectomy with Dacron Patch Angioplasty, Risks and Outcomes

Original - Salah-Eldien Altarabsheh MD*, J. Michael Duncan MD**

Acute Leukemia at King Hussein Medical Center: A Retrospective Review

Original - Abdelrazzaq Wriekat MD*, Maher Khader MD**, Nazih Abu-Alsheikh MD*, Ayman Hallosh MD^, Ahmed Fares MT*, Tiasser Shbeilat MD*

Hearing Loss Associated with Ocular Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome

Original - Thabit Odat MD*, Adnan Husban MD**, Hussein Al-Qasim PhD**, Issam Bataineh MD*, Eman Hammouri MD^, Nawwaf Abo Jamoos MD**

Frequency of Malocclusion in an Orthodontically Referred Jordanian Population

Original - Hassan M. Al-Ibrahim BDS*, Hani D. Telfah BDS*, Ayman N. Hyasat BDS*

Neural Tube Defects at Prince Rashid Bin Al-Hassan Hospital

Original - Mohammad AL-Qudah MD*, Yousef Tahat MD*, Mahmoud Al Khateeb MD*, Sultan Qudah MD*,Ghassan Quraan MD*, Tarek Athamneh MD*, Fatima Edwan RN**

Transurethral Resection of Prostate: The Standard Surgical Intervention for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Original - Baker A. Al-Abbadi MD*, Firas A. Al-Hammori MD*, Adnan A. Abo Gamar MD*, Zakia M. Saed SN**

Orf Infection: A Clinical Study at the Royal Medical Services Hospitals

Original - Mohammad J. Tawara MD*, Nidal A. Obaidat MD*

Syndactyly Release without Using Skin Grafts

Brief - Mohammad Abu-Samen MD*, Awni Abulail MD*, Issam Odwan MD*, Waleed Haddaden MD*

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