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Volume 18 Issue 2 June 2011

Ultrasound Guided Compression Therapy for Treatment of Post Catheterization Femoral Pseudoaneurysms

Original - Kristi E. Janho MD*, Fayeq B .Haddadin MD*, Eman H. Shaqdih RN**, Rasha H. Al-Dbaisi RN**

Ocular Manifestations among Jordanians with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Hospital-Based Study in Asymptomatic Patients

Original - Farid Al-Zawaideh MD*, Jawad Maayah MD**, Mousa Al-Madani MD*, Yousef AL-Ajlouny MD^, Basel Ba'ara MD*, Imad Ghazzawi MD^

Treatment of Auricular Hematoma Using Dental Rolls Splints

Original - Ahmad S. Sbaihat MD*, Wesam J. Khatatbeh MD*

The Use of Buccal Fat Pad in Closure of Oroantral Communications; The Royal Medical Services Experience

Original - Abedalwahab Alwraikat BDS*, Mohammad Al-Khawaldeh BDS**, Omar Aljadeed BDS^, Zuhair Muhaidat BDS**, Medyan Alrousan BDS^^

Cervical Lymphadenopathy in Children: A Diagnostic Approach

Original - Hashem E. Aqrabawi MD*, Ahmad F. Abu- Zeid MD*, Muna M. Dahabreh MD*, Khalid M. Amro MD*

Detection of Congenital Renal Anomalies in Children being Investigated by Tc99m-DMSA Renal Scan

Original - Mais Halaseh MD*, Khaled Alkhawaldeh MD*, Akram Al-Ibraheem MD*, Hamza Al Adwan MD*, Hussam Al-Kaylani MD*

Vertebral Osteomyelitis; Methods for Diagnosis and Means of Treatment

Original - Jamal Wadi MD*, Ayman Raweh MD*, Osama Abu Atta MD**, Obadah Horany MD**, Sufian Rifa'ei MD**, Abdullah Al-Quadan MD^, Basel Jaber MD^

Retrospective Review of Epidemiological, Pathological and Clinical Features of Colorectal Cancer Diagnosed by Colonoscopy at King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Yousef Ajlouni MD*, Aiman Halloush MD**, Imad Ghazzawi MD*, Sora Rowabdeh MD^, Wei Dai, MD^^, Ezdin Qtash MDO, Ahmad Khwaldeh MDOO, Samer Ghzawi MD‡ Ahed Al Adwan MD‡‡, Rema Majaly RN#

Application of Flow Cytometry in the Diagnosis of Primary Immunodeficiency Disease (PID): King Hussein Medical Center Experience

Original - Abd Elrazaq Wreikat MD*, Zeyad Habahbeh MD**, Nazmi Kamal MD*, Muin Habashneh MD**, Mohammad Abu Shukair MD**, Adel Al-Wahadneh MD**

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