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Volume 26 Issue 3 December 2019

Corrosives Ingestion In Children: A single Center Review

Original - Mohammad Rwalah MD*, Mohammad Shatnawi MD*, Abdullah Ghanama MD*, Mohammad qur'aan MD*, Ehab Zrykat MD*, Manar Zo'abi MD*.

Clinical Usefulness Of C-Reactive Protein Versus Shock Index In Predicting Mortality In Septic Critically Ill Patients Who Are Taking Nor-epinephrine

Original - Laith Abdul Salam Obeidat MD*, Basel Al-Rawashdah MD**, “Moh’d Nour” Bani Younes Ph***, Osama Atoom MD****, Mohammad Ali Zreqat MD*****, Salem Alsalman

Pediatric Supracondylar Humerus Fractures With Pulseless Hand. Is Early Brachial Artery Exploration Advised?

Original - Muhammad Al-Rawashdeh, MD*, Ashraf Alshabatat MD*, Eyad Almasaafeh*, Hayder Alsoudi MD**, Nael Alshanableh, MD*

The Shape Of Philtrum Column In Jordanian Population For Its Application In Geometric

Original - Reham Adel Hijazeen,BDS٭. Mohammed Nayef AL-Bdour, M.D٭٭. Walaa Maher Al Jaabary, BDS٭. OdaiMusa Sayegh, MD٭٭.Mohammed Fahed Alshobaki, MD٭٭. Hamad Ammar, MD

Impact Of Uveitis Profile On Vision In Jordanian Adults At King Hussein Medical Center

Original - Ahmed E. Khatatbeh MD, Basel T. Baara MD, Mohammad shdefat MD, Marwan M. Otoum MD, MarwahTeamat MD, Shrouq R.Albtoush MD

Unraveling The Mysterious Pilocytic Astrocytoma: Cardinal Epidemiological Features Rummage

Original - Alqroom Rami*, Malabeh Qamar**, Al wakfi Ola***, Al-zoubi Mohamad*, Al dalahmeh ala'*, Haddad Feras*, Younes Basel*, Khasawneh Nidal*, Al Shurbaji Amer****.

Comparison Between Cephalomedullary Device And Dynamic Hip Screw In The Management Of Stable Intertrochanteric Fractures

Original - Raed Wagokh*, Jamal Alshawabkeh, Mohammad Muneer Obeidat, Ashraf Mohamad Jbarat

Treatment Of Atrophic Scars Using Platelet-Rich Plasma And Subcision: An Experience At King Hussein Medical Center

Brief - Jehad Alassaf MD*, Sanaa Alwaheidi RN**, Kamal Abu Rahmeh RN**, Hussein Odeibat MD***, Taghreed Maiita MD***, Samira Hashaikeh MD****

Abuse Of Children With Autism: Risk Of Abuse And Prevention

Brief - Dr. Hussein H. Dmour MD*, Dr. Mohammad E. Alodwan MD ** Dr. Muath F. Marashdeh, MD** Dr. Maxim A. Obaisat MD** RN. Shereen Abdullah Hasan***

Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia with Extreme Thrombocytosis and T315I BCR-ABL Kinase Domain Mutation: A Case Report

Case - Raida Oudat MD*, Tania Ogeilat MD*, Areen AlZghoul MD*, Muna Khawaldeh MD**, Sinan Badwan MD**.

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